More than only predictions...!

We are experts in Machine Learning and Deep Learning. We can undertake Data Science and Data Analytic work that will help you find insights to gain competitive advantages and more import we can “act” closing the loop to put the prediction where is desired.

Fields of Application


There is Development of predictions in various fields of application: industrial, commercial and for people’s lives. Moreover, All prediction is related to the “inputs”, using our exclusively algorithms we can act in the inputs to close the loop in the applications and achieve the desired target.

Smart IoT Devices

We were able to embed our smart solutions and create what we call “Smart IoT devices”. Which are plug and play components that run artificial intelligence algorithms and benefit from IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity. Please look at our products page to get an idea of what we have already developed and what is to come.

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Automation Solutions

Not only “Automation”. We are interested in the next step of the automation. Interested in the optimization part and benefits. We work with the exclusively solutions that will bring you a fast ROI.